bread and honey

a bunch of people got all excited when i mentioned making homemade kimchi and a couple people were like ‘i can’t wait to see your recipe!’ which kind of made me laugh. hello, i am a boring white girl from oregon. obviously, i googled a recipe. and even though my first attempt was edible and even sort of delicious, i certainly wouldn’t consider it good enough to be like “INTERNET! DO EXACTLY AS I DO! I CHECKED OUT A BOOK ABOUT FERMENTATION FROM THE LIBRARY AND I AM NOW A KIMCHI EXPERT!” i will post about it soon but don’t get your panties in a wad expecting a spectacular recipe or any kind of secrets. if you’re interested, just google it like i did. or actually here, let me google that for you:
there you go.

HEY here is a question. any of you portland people have a hot tip on a high-maintenance hippie chow burrito shop place that ISN’T laughing planet? MAN i am tired of that place. i just want brown rice and whole wheat tortillas, is that so wrong? i know cha cha cha has whole wheat tortillas and i go there sometimes but i want 5 dollar pretend-healthy dinner from someplace else. i’m about to start doing the whole bowl thing but maybe there is a HIPPIE SECRET that i don’t know about. PORTLAND. HELLO. also please feel free to begin making portlandia jokes. it’s the right thing to do.