Cook chamber honors residents

3 Feb

Cook chamber honors residents

ADEL — The Adel-Cook County Chamber of Commerce honored several individuals and companies for their donations to the region in 2017.

Small Business of the Year has been awarded to Therapy Partners of Georgia.   Lori Betts, owner of Therapy Associates of Georgia, received the award.

“Fourteen years ago when the Lord began planting the idea of this clinic in my head, I stated: ‘There was no way this could happen,”’ Betts stated. “But He kept assuring me he had a plan and a goal. Part of this plan was giving me a household that constantly invited me to visit my fantasies. And yet another portion of that is the husband blessed me to do all the business things with the business.”

Grower of the Year has been awarded to MJ Taylor Farms. The recipient didn’t provide a speech.

Volunteer of the Year has been awarded to Maria Hardman.

“I am in no way, shape or kind worthy of this award,” Hardman said. “There are so many people in Cook County that do so much more than I do. And that is 1 thing I love about my area and can be one of the things I brag about if (I)’m in my other papers in different areas. None of these are similar to Cook County.”

Business of the Year has been awarded to Cardinal CT Company.

Cardinal CT Company made a $6 million investment to its “human capital that’s our employees” this year, said Michael Harris, plant director.

“This is an investment that had to be produced,” he said. “It’s been challenging — managing approximately 30 to 40 per cent growth month after month and year might arrive at you after a while, but you have to make those investments now.

“We are seeing the strongest growth we have seen in eight to 10 years, minimum, in both the structure and the manufacturing industries. It is coming back and when we do not make those funds investments today, we won’t be prepared for the competition tomorrow.”

Entrepreneur of the Year has been awarded to Tim Purvis with Purvis Funeral Home. He made a few short jokes before stepping off the stage.

Community Service Award has been awarded to Jerry and Lynn Connell, also has been received by Lisa Collins on their behalf.

“When I think about Jerry and Lynn Connell, I believe about servant leaders,” Collins said. “Jerry and Lynn enjoy Cook County. They have worked tirelessly in a means that will build up rather than tear down our county.”

Woman of the Year has been awarded to Jere Anna Hargett.

“I just need to say, first of all, let you God, for he has blessed me in each job and everything that I’ve done,” Hargett said.

Man of the Year has been awarded to Michael Purvis.

“My mom and dad taught me that hometown means something,” he said. “And when you serve people in your hometown, it is not like you are working. It is a real blessing to have the ability to serve and lead.”

The chamber chairman to get 2018, Sharon Harnage, ended the night by charging chamber members with being involved in the community.

“My challenge for you in 2018 is to plug in somewhere,” Harnage said. “In case you do not know where to plug in, I guarantee you I will provide you with a record a mile long of stuff we need.”  

Jason Smith is a reporter in The Valdosta Daily Times. He can be contacted in 229-244-3400 ext.1257.