Multipurpose cooking

7 Nov

Multipurpose cooking

AS our lifestyles increasingly becoming more frantic, the little nuggets of liberty spent in the home are blessings that should be savoured, and so is there really a better way to use that window aside from through cooking?

To waste, and neither will anyone’s time, this dream won’t ever go through the convenient kitchen and home appliances of KHIND. With ease, whole dinners can be summed up with handy appliances.

Provide your kitchen consisting of Air Fryer ARF 3000, the new Electric Oven OT 5205, Stand Mixer SM 280, and the Hand Blender BH 600SS.

Your prospective go-to helping hands when it comes to baking, broiling and roasting, the OT 5205 has a 52-litre capacity that will easily fit an entire 3kg chicken to go with its 360˚ rotating rotisserie function.

The electrical oven also comes with a convection function that distributes heat evenly, making it a good choice when it comes to making pizza, muffin, waffle and bread.

Alongside being good for grilling, roasting, baking and reheating, known for frying with little to no oil, the ARF 3000 is a air fryer that comes with a touch sensor cushioned functions display which includes eight pre requisite programmes.

The collection consist of accessories like a cake jar, a set of tongs and a recipe book.

A trusty sidekick when it comes to baking, the SM 280 is a streamlined 2.8 litre standalone mixer that arrives at a refreshing mint colour, using a whole set of attachments, specifically, a SUS304 stainless steel mixing bowl, and a set of beatersplus a set of dough hooks plus a spreader. The very best things come in little packages as they say.

Last but not the least, since it boasts a strong 600W motor, stepless variable speed control with turbo function that caters to the different demands in blending, mixing and whisking, the mobile handheld blender BH 600SS is a wonderful help when it comes to preparing puree, cream soup and smoothies.

Each one of the products that are KHIND are offered in major retail outlets.

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